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Warmly celebrate the Kay mother Meat Processing Equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. The website is new online..

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Warmly celebrate the Kay mother Meat Processing Equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. The website is new online..

Founded in 1946, Kemaser Equipment Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of high quality equipment for the meat processing industry worldwide. Kamas processing equipment is used every day for the efficient production of beef worldwide. Pork and mutton slaughter and processing plants. Our complete product line includes band saws, cutting pliers, shears and other complete pig, cattle and sheep slaughtering kits and equipment specially designed to meet your production needs. In addition, our complete automated visceral processing equipment and custom work platforms use the industry's leading edge and innovative technology.
We have been providing high quality slaughter and splitting equipment to the global meat industry for more than 60 years. Kmalster executive director Ralph Karubian's office and major equipment manufacturing in Monrovia, Los Angeles. Our overseas division has led the management of Kmartast for more than 30 years. The company has Australia, New Zealand. Brazil. England, Ireland, South Africa, Argentina and China. We have also established a network of agents and distributors around the world. Our branch office in Omaha, Nebraska, is responsible for product sales and manufacturing of bull head and pig head processing equipment. We also have a complete set of visceral by-product processing equipment and hoof hair equipment that can be customized according to customer requirements, including pork belly product cleaning and automatic bowel. Cutting, etc. We also design and manufacture a full line of vacuum carcass cleaning systems. The vacuum system can be used to remove internal fat, the spinal cord. Cross-contamination of the carcass can be improved when steam or hot water is configured. Vacuum sterilization technology is an important way to remove cross-contamination caused by excreta and reduce the total number of bacteria in the corpus callosum. Kemast invented vacuum sterilization equipment for eliminating cross-contamination and sterilization. Kmart's R&D department is responsible for the design of industry-leading equipment in terms of stability and safety. We have developed a standard product system.
Kmartast is the manufacturer of the highest quality equipment in the global meat processing industry. Kumster equipment is used in large quantities in large slaughter and processing plants such as pigs, cattle and sheep worldwide. Our entire line of equipment is dedicated to improving productivity. At the same time, our complete automatic visceral processing equipment and head processing line customized according to customer requirements fully combines industry requirements with unique new technology applications. For more details, please visit our company page.
Kumster Manufacturing has subsidiaries and distributors in several countries to serve you. Please contact us to request information about your location partner. We look forward to providing you with fast service with our partners.


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