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Wolf knife


Wolf knife

made in China,The WOLF series of knives are as good as the European production technology. The blade surface is designed with mirror surface, uniform thickness, moderate hardness, and convenient grinding;

The material of the handle is in line with food-grade standards, different colors are available, and the design process conforms to ergonomics, which meets the needs of workers for long-term work comfort, including non-slip performance;

The blade material is 3Cr13 and the hardness value is 50-54HRC, which is far beyond the domestic standard of similar products;

The cutting edge is tightly combined with the handle, without any dead corners. It can be sterilized in 100 degrees hot water without affecting the rigidity of the handle and the cutting edge

Different types and different lengths. The product line meets different workers' habits of using techniques such as deboning, trimming, slaughtering, pre-skinning, and chest opening.

The OEM cooperation unit was established in 1996, and the products have been widely sold in most European and American countries, including India and Australia.

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