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S.EU Brand Whetstone


S.EU Brand Whetstone


Whetstone also known as: vermiculite / double-sided whetstone / slaughterhouse grinding stone / woodworking grinding stone / household grinding stone

S.EU Whetstone Features:

According to the size of the whetstone, it can be divided into coarse grinding stones (generally below 1000 mesh) and fine grinding stones (above 2000 mesh).

S.EU Monochrome Whetstone Size: 210 * 65 * 33/200 * 50 * 25 This is a special grinding stone for slaughterhouses. It is a large size. The knife used in the slaughterhouse is a high-frequency knife. The grinding stone is too small and too thin, which is relatively wasteful (once the grinding stone breaks, it is discarded). It is generally recommended that each worker choose two sharpening stones, one for rough grinding (approximately 1,000 meshes, and the mesh size is too low to cost a knife), one for fine grinding (above 2000 meshes, the mesh size is too high, relatively knife-saving, but grinding Speed ​​is slightly reduced).

S.EU two-color sharpening stone size: 180 * 60 * 30/200 * 50 * 25 This is a sharpening stone for family hotels. The recommended mesh size is 1000/3000 mesh.

Color: white, yellow, gray


Note: According to customer needs, different mesh sizes and different sizes of whetstones (400 mesh --- 8000 mesh) can be selected, and monocular sharpening stones and binocular sharpening stones can also be selected.


Whetstone instructions

1. Before sharpening the knife, clean the knife with water first, so that there will be no impurities when grinding.

2. Rinse the whetstone with water for a while, preferably soak it in the water for a while, soak the whetstone in water (about 10 minutes).

3. Lay the sharpening stone flat and fix it for sharpening.

4. When sharpening, first use the rough surface of the sharpening stone, and touch the hand to distinguish the rough surface and fine surface of the sharpening stone. Rough surface rough grinding, fine surface fine grinding.

5. The knife and the sharpening stone are at an angle of about 17 degrees (the angle of grinding with a knife is slightly different, such as cutting with a knife, a machete, etc.), rub back and forth, and add a little water during the friction to avoid the knife edge temperature being too high. Note: The smaller the blade angle, the sharper the blade, the smaller the cutting resistance, and the higher the sharpness, but the corresponding sharpness will be kept worse.

6. After grinding one side of the knife and the other side of the knife, add some water in the middle (do not scrape the mud from the grindstone, the slurry can sharpen the knife sharper). After the two sides of the knife have been ground, change the fine surface of the sharpening stone for fine grinding (if it is a single mesh sharpening stone, please replace the high mesh sharpening stone). Fine grinding stones can make rough blades smoother and sharper.

7. After grinding, rinse the knife and sharpening stone with clean water and put away.

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