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CLASSIC25 fresh chopping machine


  Product specifications

  Power: 3.5 kw

  Production: single knife 200 pcs/m

  Double knife 400 pcs/m

  Silo size: 250x240x700 mm

  Cutting thickness: 1-32 mm

  Weight: 360 kg

  Machine size: 1920x925x1385 mm

  Waterproof rating: IP65


  Reasonable design, simple structure, easy to clean

  Single button control, easy to operate

  Fault reminder and troubleshooting instructions

  Save time with the automatic return controller of the gripper

  Optional conveyor output slicing mode

  Flexible operation mode: continuous double-blade high-volume cutting is available.

  Or intermittent single-blade fine cutting

  The machine is equipped with casters for easy movement

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