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Global manufacturer of equipment for the meat processing industry.
Kentmaster processing equipment is used every day in efficient beef, pork and lamb slaughtering plants all over the world.

Product recommendation


The front and rear handles of the new splitting saw are equipped with pneumatic switches, which have a long safe and trouble-free operation cycle.
The design is simple and smooth, the starting process is stable, and the operation process is more stable.
The splitting saw has a solid structure, a large bearing weight balancer is configured, and the splitting speed is fast, which reduces the work intensity of the operator.
The whole equipment adopts nickel alloy design, which can keep the finish for a long time.

Automatic Slicing Machine GRAEF VA800

Intelligent slicing system, which can realize the functions of stacking, stacking and fancy swing plate
Automatic splitting device, product array placement
Precise guidance of the fuselage and the material tray
Servo ultra-quiet motor drive
Innovative beeswax coating of the blade ensures that the cutting does not stick

Vacuum Packing Machine HENKELMAN ATMOZ 2-90

Origin Netherlands, industrial all stainless steel vacuum packaging machine
Professional vacuum and MAP packaging solutions for specific packaging requirements.
Germany Puxu vacuum pump 300 m3/h
Anti-puncture function, suitable for the packaging requirements of bone products or sharp products.
Time control and vacuum control mode.

Kentmaster saw blade KENTMASTER BLADE

High quality band saw blades for sawing technology
Saw blades for food can be used to cut frozen and fresh meat and fish, poultry cuts, sliced meat, ham, bacon and cheese.
Band saw blades have the characteristics needed to better process food and promote workplace safety.
The design, function, toughness and sharpness of our saw blades provide several main advantages.
Our high quality wood band saw blades are used in customer areas such as sawmills and woodworking.



GIESSER Tool Manufacturing Company, Germany

"We only make knives that we like to keep to ourselves." This is the maxim that underpinned GIESSER more than two centuries ago. Today, Hans-Joachim Gisser and his brother Herman are the sixth generation of Giessers to manage the traditional cutting tool factory.

Netherlands Henkelman Vacuum Packaging Equipment Company

Holland Henkelman vacuum packaging equipment company, since the company was founded in 1994, focusing on the production of vacuum packaging machine. Around 15000 machines are supplied annually to 450 distributors in more than 80 countries around the world. Packaging partners.