Company Profile

Kentmaster Equipment Manufacturing Company was established in 1946 and is a global manufacturer of equipment for the meat processing industry. Kentmaster processing equipment is used every day in efficient beef, pork and lamb slaughtering plants all over the world. Our product line includes belt saws, splitting saws, belt splitting saws, cutting tongs, shearing machines and other pig, cattle, and sheep slaughtering and splitting kits, as well as equipment designed according to your production needs. We also manufacture automated viscera handling equipment and customized work platforms.

We have been supplying high-quality butchering equipment to the global meat industry for more than 70 years. Mr. Ralph Karubian, Executive Director of Kentmaster Corporation, has led and managed Kentmaster Corporation for more than 40 years. The company's main equipment is manufactured in Monrovia, Los Angeles. Our overseas branches are in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, England, South Africa, Argentina and Beijing and Bengbu, China. We have also established a system of agents and distributors worldwide. Our branch in Omaha, Nebraska can customize visceral by-product processing equipment and head-removing equipment according to customer requirements, including pork belly product cleaning and automatic intestinal cutting. We also manufacture vacuum carcass cleaning systems and vacuum systems for removing fat and spinal cord: vacuum cleaning systems can improve cross-contamination of carcasses when equipped with steam or hot water; vacuum sterilization technology is used to remove cross-contamination caused by excreta and reduce the total number of carcass bacteria An important way of application.

Kentmaster China is committed to introducing advanced American slaughtering and cutting equipment and European packaging and cutting equipment to meet the needs of Chinese customers. At the same time, it provides a one-stop service platform for factory consumables and protective products. At present, its business has widely involved all kinds of spare parts consumables such as cutting tools, peeling machine blades, steel wire gloves, saw blades, work clothes, work boots, factory visiting supplies, reamer orifice plates, pole hooks, wool beating blocks, etc.

Kentmaster Manufacturing has branches and distributors in many countries to serve you. Please contact us for information about partners in your area, we are looking forward to providing you with fast service together with our partners!