Netherlands HENKELMAN Vacuum Packing Machine ATMOZ 2-90

Henkelman Henkel "focuses on the production and development of different types of vacuum packaging machinery, widely used in food and other fields of vacuum packaging, its superb and reliable technology, has been in the world's leading position, welcomed by the majority of users.

Originated in the Netherlands, "Henkelman Han Gao Wen" vacuum packaging machine with excellent design, superb technology, so that its simple operation, long working life, easy to install and maintain, to provide users with the best packaging machine in line with health requirements. "Henkelman Hangaowen" has a wide range of international business network, fast delivery, high-quality service, fast and effective response, for you to solve the difficult problems of packaging.

"Henkelman Hangaowen", high-performance vacuum packaging machine.


High stability

High-quality packaging equipment with international reputation, high efficiency, good stability and strong attraction.

Industrial grade all stainless steel vacuum packaging machine can deal with all vacuum products easy to use, with complete maintenance service procedures intelligent equipment, to ensure that different environments are working stable for special requirements of packaging.



Operation panel function


Can expand the custom program, simple and practical, can save 10 kinds of packaging program



Soft vacuum function


According to the product, ATMOZ 2-90 can choose a soft vacuum mode. After setting the soft vacuum mode, the exhaust time can be adjusted to prevent the packaging bag from being punctured by sharp products, reduce product loss and prevent dry consumption.


Unique sealing method


ATMOZ 2-90 comes standard with narrow side arc double sealing line (2x 3.5mm), which is suitable for vacuum or heat shrinkable bags of different materials. The double sealing line greatly reduces the risk of air leakage in the sealing area, reduces customer losses, improves product quality and prolongs product shelf life.

ATMOZ 2-90 can also choose a single sealing line (3.5mm) with a hot break rod, and a special wide sealing line (10mm) double-acting (Bi-active) sealing method.


Inflatable function



Before the vacuum packaging machine is sealed, nitrogen or mixed gas can be added. The vacuum packaging machine can be equipped with gas function or modified atmosphere packaging function.


Liquid function

Wet and liquid-containing products will quickly reach the boiling point during the vacuum packaging process. When the pressure in the vacuum chamber drops below atmospheric pressure, the liquid will boil at room temperature.

When the liquid control sensor detects that the liquid product evaporates, the machine will stop pumping air and automatically enter the next stage, vacuum bag sealing.


Technical parameters

Voltage 380V,50Hz,3 phase, PE

Installed power 7.5kW

Dimensions 1965x1269x1105mm

Packing room size 880x870x280mm

Sealing rod length 2x 880 mm (narrow edge double seal)

Vacuum pump Germany Puxu vacuum pump 300 m3/h

The production capacity is 15-40 seconds/cycle, which is related to the required vacuum degree and the variety of packaged products.

Edge grade: IP65 CE certification

Weight 685 kg

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