Have you done the standard operation of splitting saw?

The splitting saw is equipped with an imported pneumatic balancer, which saves time and effort in operation, and the balancer is not easy to break. Generalsplit sawSpring balancer, the pulling force is not enough, the data pulled to the bottom cannot be bounced back, time-consuming and laborious, easy to cause breaking, and the intensity of labor relations can be increased. Kemaster Equipment Manufacturing Company introduces you,split sawThe specification of the operation.

1. Turn on the power.

2, before each use or daily use.

(1) Ensure that the interlock switch of the electric double control handle and the door works normally. Do not start the half saw by pressing each trigger individually. Press the front handle trigger and the rear handle trigger at the same time, and press the two triggers at an interval of not more than one second to start the split saw. Release one or two triggers and the half saw should stop working. If the split half saw fails, it should be removed from the station and the problem should be reported immediately.

2) be suresplit sawCan move freely on the balance of trade.

3, split half operation.

Using the lifting table, the operator can keep the splitting saw in a horizontal position while splitting. Please do not use the pressure split half saw, but should pull the split half saw. The specific steps are as follows:

(1) Mark the center of the spine with a knife.

(2) Start the split saw.

(3) The saw penetrates into the tailbone of the two legs, and the driven wheel (front end) of the half saw should point upward.

(4) When the tailbone collides with the beam of the split saw, keep the saw until the tailbone cracks and the tailbone cracks,split sawIt may continue down in the direction of the pig's spine.

(5) After the tailbone and hip bone are split, the saw passes through the waist of the ketone body; the split half saw should be in a horizontal position. Do not apply pressure to the half saw, guide the half saw to ensure direct cutting.

(6) the shoulder and neck of the sawketone body. When sawing the shoulder and neck, the driven wheel (front end) of the saw should point downwards.

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