Split and half saw those characteristics

Split and half saw those characteristics

Introduced an automatic axe-clearing robotsplit sawThe working principle and function

The automatic arm split axe is used to split the pig carcass in half, so that the pig carcass is split in half,

  split sawFeatures:

When the pig carcass is split in half, the splitting knife reciprocates and splits vertically without losing meat and bones. There is no meat maturity at the knife edge during the splitting process.

After each completion of the automatic slitting cycle, the slitting knife is automatically cleaned, cleaned and disinfected.

Some parts are made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel and nylon.

Split saw cover with robot coating

The body adopts six-axis robot, equipped with lifting system, translation system, chopping system

  split sawFeatures:

1. The design is simple and smooth, the operation is flexible, the starting process has no vibration, and the operation process is more stable.

2. Convenient maintenance, convenient maintenance, low failure rate, and low maintenance costs in the later period.

3. The unique saw blade tensioner design is a supplier of similar equipment in the domestic market. The service life of the saw blade is greatly improved, the production efficiency is improved, and the use cost is reduced.

4. Good waterproof performance design, so that the electrical control switch has a great protective effect, prolong the service life of the switch, reduce the work intensity of maintenance personnel, more in line with the actual processing environment of the domestic slaughter industry production workshop.

5. The whole equipment is designed with nickel alloy, which improves the fatigue strength and maintains the smoothness for a long time.

Due to the breakthrough of new technology, new technology and new materials of slaughtering equipment in China, many meat processing enterprises have changed their understanding of relying on imported equipment. Although the imported slaughtering equipment is advanced in technology, it is expensive, usually with a difference of 10:L, which makes some meat enterprises without economic strength feel desperate. And imported parts once damaged, difficult to repair, difficult to buy. Of course, it can not be ruled out that the advanced nature of imported equipment, appropriate introduction is necessary, but we should pay attention to digestion and absorption, improve the ability to imitate, and have innovation, and then reverse export to earn foreign exchange, chopping saw will be a new road for some slaughtering machinery manufacturers to go out of a suitable for China's national conditions.

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