Standard Practice for Splitting Saws

  split sawStandard Operating Procedures

  split sawCut off the spine through an automatic process. Equipped with an internal guide and back roller, the split saw produces high accuracy and consistency on the market, which is essential for subsequent operations such as automatic bone.

For cadavers with or without a head or back, a split saw can be used. The slitting saw is equipped with an imported pneumatic balancer, which saves time and effort in operation, and the balancer is not easy to break. Generally, the split half-saw spring balancer has insufficient pulling action, and the pulled data cannot rebound, which is time-consuming and laborious, easy to cause pulling, and the intensity of labor relations can be increased. Kemaster Equipment Manufacturing Company introduces you to the operating specifications of the split half saw.

1. Turn on the power.

2. Before each use or daily use.

(1) Ensure that the interlock switch between the electric dual control handle and the door works normally. The split saw cannot be activated by pressing each trigger individually. Press the front handle trigger and the rear handle trigger at the same time, and the interval between the two triggers is not more than 1 second to start the half saw. Release one or two triggers and the half saw will stop working. Ifsplit sawIn the event of a malfunction, it should be removed from the workstation and the problem reported immediately.

(2) Ensure that the slitting saw can develop and move freely on the trade balance machine.

  3.split sawDismantling operation.

Using the lifting table, the operator can splitsplit sawKeep in horizontal position. Do not use pressure split saw, should pull split saw. The specific steps are as follows:

(1) Mark the middle of the spine with a knife.

(2) Start the splitting saw.

(3) Sawing into the leg tailbone, half saw from the moving wheel (front) should point upward.

(4) When the tailbone hits the split saw beam, keep the saw until the tailbone cracks. After the coccyx is cracked, the split saw can continue down in the direction of the pig's spine.

(5) After the tailbone and hip bone are split, saw through the waist of the ketone body; The saw split into two halves should be in a horizontal position. Do not apply pressure to the half saw and guide the half saw to ensure direct cutting.

(6) Solon body shoulder and neck. When sawing the shoulder and neck, the starting wheel (front end) of the saw should point downward. Introduced the working principle and main functions of the automatic pig axe robot splitting machine splitting saw.

The automatic arm split axe is used to split the pig carcass in half, so that the pig carcass is split in half,

pig robot split saw features:

When the pig carcass is split in half, the splitting knife reciprocates and splits vertically without losing meat and bones. There is no meat maturity at the knife edge during the splitting process.

After each completion of the automatic slitting cycle, the slitting knife is automatically cleaned, cleaned and disinfected.

Some parts are made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel and nylon.

Cover with robot coating

The body adopts six-axis robot, equipped with lifting system, translation system, chopping system,

Flushing system and automatic control system.

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