Split half saw related knowledge

The split saw is to split the pig carcass in two to facilitate transportation, storage and sale. Partitioning equipment for domestic use: Reciprocatingsplit sawBridge type splitting saw and belt type splitting saw. For depilated and peeled pigs, it is necessary to cut the carcass in half and cut off the head, hoof and tail for transportation, storage, processing and sales. In the past, some small slaughterhouses were hand-chopped meat, labor-intensive. However, some large and medium-sized slaughterhouses have adopted machinery instead of manual operation, which reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency. The following are some commonly used equipment. structure and working principle

  split sawThe machine is mainly composed of eccentric block, connecting rod, crosshead, saw bow, saw blade and so on. When working, the motor drives the eccentric block, and the saw blade is pushed to perform rapid reciprocating motion through the connecting rod and crosshead. Under manual operation, the saw blade moves from top to bottom to achieve the purpose of splitting. The split saw is hung on the beam with a steel wire rope. Because the chain saw needs to move up and down during operation, two pulleys are installed at the other end of the beam, and the split saw is equipped with a balance hammer or a balance device to make the split saw After the split is restored to its original position to reduce the load when the split saw moves.

The split of pig carcass can be divided into two ways: abdominal split and back split, which are determined by the operator according to his own habits and convenience. Thissplit sawIt takes two people to operate. One person holds the front and rear handles of the fuselage with both hands, and the other holds the front handle of the saw bow. Aim for the trajectory line in the middle of the spine and split the pig carcass in half.

The motor should be waterproof, the saw blade should be kept sharp, if there is a gap, it should be replaced, the running friction part should be lubricated frequently, and an overhaul inspection should be carried out every year, and the saw blade should be repainted to prevent rust. Splitting saw features: simple and smooth design, flexible operation, no vibration during the start-up process, good stability during operation. Easy maintenance, easy maintenance, low failure rate, low maintenance costs. Saw blade tensioner design, domestic market similar equipment suppliers. The service life of the saw blade is greatly improved, the production efficiency is improved, and the use cost is reduced. The good waterproof performance design plays a great role in protecting the electrical control switch, prolongs the service life of the switch, reduces the work intensity of the maintenance personnel, and is more in line with the actual processing environment of the domestic slaughter industry workshop. The whole equipment adopts nickel alloy design, which not only improves the fatigue strength, but also maintains the smoothness for a long time. The split saw can now be seen in many slaughterhouses and is used to divide the carcass of cattle, suitable for all sizes of cattle. It is suitable for the division of cattle and horses in large slaughterhouses.

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