What is a split saw?

  split sawWe can see from its name that this product is used to do, this product is also after continuous improvement of the function more and more, in order to let more people familiar with it, the next small series for everyone to introduce what is split half saw.

In order to facilitate transportation, storage, processing and sales, it is necessary to split the fur or peeled pig carcass into two parts, and cut the head, hoof and tail after opening the cavity. In the past, some small slaughterhouses used manual half-cutting, labor-intensive. Some large and medium-sized slaughterhouses have adopted machinery instead of manual operation to reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency. The split saw is mainly composed of eccentric block, connecting rod, crosshead, saw bow, saw blade and so on. When the split saw is working, the motor drives the eccentric block, and the saw blade is pushed to make a rapid reciprocating motion through the connecting rod and the crosshead, and the saw is moved up and down under manual operation, so as to achieve the purpose of splitting.split sawAs well as semi-open saws use wire ropes suspended from the beam. Since the operation of the electric saw needs to move up and down, two pulleys are installed on the beam at the other end of the wire rope, and a counterweight or balancer suitable for the semi-open saw is set to facilitate the opening of the wire.

Whensplit sawWhen returning to the original position after splitting, the weight of the split saw is reduced when moving. The saw blade needs to consume 2 band saw blades every day, one saw blade is calculated by 100 yuan, and only the saw blade needs to consume 200 yuan every day. 40000 yuan is required for 200 days of slaughter in a year. The guide block band saw needs to be clamped with an alloy guide block before it can be used. Every time you turn the saw blade, you need to adjust the saw blade to 90 degrees with a guide block. Due to the high-speed operation of the band saw of the split saw, a guide block and a high-speed operation saw blade are required. The friction between them is very large. A set of alloy guide block near 6000 yuan. If at least two are replaced in a year, the total consumption cost of the guide block is 12000 yuan. Compared with the efficiency of the disc chopping saw, it only takes 4-5 seconds to chop the pig, while the belt chopping saw takes nearly 10 seconds (this time is very skilled operators). Efficiency increased by 4.2 hours. The weight of the band saw is generally about 60-70kg, while the weight of the circular saw is only 38kg.

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