Belt splitting saw maintenance methods?

Belt splitting saw is widely used, because of its various advantages, it is also a very popular product in the market. But it also has a lot of need to know when using knowledge, after all, there are many users do not understand these. Next, Xiao Bian will introduce the belt type for everyone.split sawThe maintenance method? If you are interested, you can read it.

Beltsplit sawAlthough it is widely used, most readers still don't know enough when they see this product. In fact, the split saw is one of the commonly used electric tools in slaughterhouses. Type 600 is suitable for dividing pigs and sheep, and type 760 is suitable for dividing cattle. It has the characteristics of flexible operation and high production efficiency, and is mostly used in small and medium-sized slaughterhouses. In fact, the split saw has many advantages in use. For example, it has the characteristics of simple operation, stable operation, and convenient maintenance; in the production of mechanized slaughter operations, the equipment can greatly improve production efficiency and increase the labor intensity of workers.split sawIt consists of a frame, a conveyor chain, a transmission device and electrical appliances that require manual hemp. When the pig body is transported to the front end by the conveyor chain, it is manually wound to the automatic wind line. The pigs should be inspected and tested before use to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The device conveys the pig body to an automatic air line.

  split sawAlthough many advantages, but also need good maintenance. For example, it is necessary to ensure that the workpiece is firmly fixed and the saw blade is installed correctly to prevent breakage or skew of the saw seam. The starting angle should be correct and the posture should be natural. You can also add some oil during maintenance to reduce friction and cool the saw blade, thereby extending the service life of the saw blade. When the workpiece is about to be sawn off, the speed should be slow, the pressure should be light, and the part to be sawn off should be held with the left hand. Or the direction in which the tooth tip should be pushed forward when installing. The tension of the saw blade should be appropriate. If it is too tight, it is easy to break during use; if it is too loose, it is easy to twist and swing during use, which will skew the saw seam and break the saw blade. When using the split saw, generally hold the handle with the right hand and the front end of the saw bow with the left hand. In short, the splitting saw is light in weight and easy to operate, which can reduce the labor intensity of the operator. The unique saw blade guide adjustment design is beneficial to extend the service life of the saw blade. The oil-lubricated drive system ensures trouble-free operation of the equipment.

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The above is about the maintenance method of the belt splitting saw. As long as you pay attention to its correct use method in the daily use process, you can play its role. During the operation, you must pay attention to the correct use method to avoid unnecessary Trouble. There are still do not understand the place can come to consult us at any time.


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