Pig trotters shears manufacturers explain the use of splitting saws in detail.

Pig trotters cut producers believe that China's pork production and consumption has been in the forefront of the world, so the pig slaughtering industry in the national economy and people's lives also occupies an unshakable important position, and has been a steady upward trend. Now, with the rapid development of high and new technology, the pig slaughtering industry has completely tended to mechanization, automation and enterprise scale unified development trend. my country's slaughter and processing equipment and technical level have achieved leapfrog development in just ten years, and some leading enterprises have reached the world's advanced level.

The split saw is also a popular product now. But many people still don't understand its role. First, we need to understand the main structure and features. At present, it is commonly used in cattle slaughter production and processing lines. It is mainly used in large-scale slaughtering and processing production lines with high degree of automation. It is composed of mechanical segmentation system, induction positioning system, synchronous conveying system and online cleaning system. Mechanical splitting is in the form of sawing or axe splitting and is equipped with a cattle carcass fixing mechanism. The working part of the product is divided and cut by synchronous belt, which is accurate in positioning and stable in operation. During the cutting process of the split saw, the working parts are cleaned synchronously one by one to prevent cross-infection of the carcass. It is suitable for large slaughterhouses to split pigs in half, and can handle more than 400 pigs per hour.

The characteristics of splitting saw: flexible operation, no vibration when starting, better process stability, convenient maintenance, low failure rate and low maintenance cost. With the advancement of technology, the service life of the splitting saw is greatly extended, the production efficiency is improved, and the use cost is reduced. Good water resistance can make the electronic control switch have a great protective effect, prolong the service life of the switch, reduce the work intensity of maintenance personnel, and more in line with the actual processing environment of the domestic slaughtering industry production workshop.

The manufacturer of pig's trotters said that the use of nickel alloy material improves the fatigue strength and maintains the smoothness for a long time. After the preparation is completed, please turn on the machine for 5~10 minutes to ensure normal operation. When operating, professionals should ensure that the saw blade is vertically downward and cannot be tilted. The sawing speed and transmission speed cannot be adjusted at will. Do not adjust and maintain it in the process. In case of failure or adjustment, press the emergency brake button to cut off the power supply and stop the relevant transmission. After troubleshooting, you can start normally. In addition, in addition to operating according to the prescribed procedures, the operator should also pay attention not to use excessive force during handheld work to avoid overload damage. After use, before shutting down, confirm that the relevant transmission lines have been used up, switch the power supply, gas, and water, and ensure that the switch is closed.

According to the manufacturer of pig's trotters, the main point of operation of the splitting saw is to turn on the power supply of the equipment, turn on the switch of the electric control box, and all systems of the automatic half-cutting machine are in an initialized state. At this time, the mechanical alignment system starts to operate

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