Pig trotters cut producers: what are the advantages of split saw?

With the continuous progress of science and technology, all walks of life have also been greatly developed. The development prospects of the split saw are also very good, so the demand is increasing, and there are many manufacturers in the market. As a manufacturer,Pig Trotter Shear ManufacturersIt is also necessary to tell you about its advantages. Interested friends can look together.

Before we use it, we also have a lot of problems, so if you want to use it better, you need to understand some of its knowledge points. The first thing to be clear is that it is one of the commonly used power tools in slaughterhouses. Type 600 is suitable for cutting pigs and sheep, and type 760 is suitable for cutting cattle. There are also many advantages when used. For example, it has the characteristics of flexible operation and high production efficiency, and is mostly used in small and medium-sized slaughterhouses. It is an important mechanical equipment for cattle and horse meat slaughtering and processing enterprises. In addition, it has the characteristics of simple operation, stable operation, and convenient maintenance; the manufacturer of pig trotter shears said that in the production of mechanized slaughter operations, it can greatly improve production efficiency and increase the labor intensity of workers. Now many large and medium-sized slaughtering enterprises are using this equipment. It also has a unique saw blade guide rail adjustment design, which is beneficial to extend the service life of the saw blade. The lubricating oil drive system ensures trouble-free operation of the equipment. And can also be used with various voltages.

The working principle is that the eccentric wheel drives the connecting rod through the rotation of the motor, and pushes the saw blade to reciprocate through the slideway and the slider. So as to achieve the purpose of division. In general, it takes 5-10 seconds to cut a cow or a horse.Pig Trotter Shear ManufacturersIt was also found that the slaughter time could be shortened by using a belt chopping saw in the slaughterhouse. Different splitting saws can also be customized according to the size of cattle and sheep. At the same time, multiple dividing lines can be set according to the slaughter line. Full compliance with national and international health requirements. Its smooth surface and fully sealed motor make cleaning easy and quick. During slitting, the slitting part is automatically sprayed and cooled; when the operation is stopped, the water spray device is automatically closed to save water. Or its split seal gear mechanism provides good operation and long life. With smooth surface design, the motor is fully sealed (no heat sink) for easy cleaning.

The quality of meat processing depends first on the slaughter technology, and the slaughter technology depends on the quality of the equipment, the three are inseparable. In order to better develop China's meat industry and establish a benign development model, the automation integration of pig slaughtering machinery and equipment industry is the only way and the development trend.

 Pig Trotter Shear ManufacturersThe split saw is mainly composed of eccentric block, connecting rod, crosshead, saw bow and saw blade. When working, the motor drives the eccentric block to push the saw blade to make rapid reciprocating motion through the connecting rod and crosshead, and moves from top to bottom under manual operation, so as to achieve the goal of dividing into two.

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