Pig trotter scissors manufacturer: do you know the technical characteristics of split saw?

Now many slaughterhouses can see the figure of the split saw. They are used to divide cattle carcasses and are suitable for cattle of all sizes. Suitable for large slaughterhouses to divide cattle and horses.Pig Trotter Shear ManufacturersThe table is red, the operator controls the switch with one hand, and the other hand controls the direction of the machine. It only takes a few seconds to chop a pig, and the characteristic is that a saw blade can chop off about 300000 pigs.

technical features of splitting saw:

1. Advanced guiding system makes the saw blade longer life;

2. Moderate saw blade thickness, reduce the loss of bones and minced meat;

3. The saw blade is thin, fast, can quickly replace the saw blade, large production capacity, high efficiency;

4. Compact, strong low-voltage motor, safe and reliable;

5. Smooth surface and fully sealed motor make cleaning convenient and quick;

6. When splitting in half, the cut-off part will automatically spray water to cool down; when the operation is stopped, the water spray device will automatically close to save water;

7. Separate sealed gear mechanism, good operation and long service life;

8. The surface design is smooth, the motor is completely sealed (no heat sink), easy to clean and safe.

  Pig Trotter Shear ManufacturersIt is pointed out that preparations should be made before slaughtering operations, check whether the transmission, saw blade and its fasteners are loose, check whether the motor, mechanical transmission, and pneumatic are normal, and check whether the control valve and solenoid valve are normal. The sensing system is very sensitive. Check whether the cooling water pipe and oil hole are unobstructed, check whether the saw blade, running direction and guiding mechanism are normal, and deal with the problems found in time.

After the preparation is completed, start the equipment for trial operation for 5~10 minutes to ensure that the equipment can be put into normal operation. When operating, it should be operated by professionals. When using, ensure that the saw blade is vertically downward, cannot be tilted, and the running speed of the saw and the transmission speed of the equipment cannot be adjusted at will.

 Pig Trotter Shear ManufacturersIntroduction, any adjustment and maintenance work is prohibited during the operation of the equipment. If there is a fault or adjustment is required, press the emergency brake button to cut off the power supply and stop the conveying system related to the equipment. After troubleshooting to boot. In addition, in addition to operating according to the prescribed procedures, the operator should also pay attention to the hand-held half-saw not to exert too much force during the work process, so as not to damage the saw blade due to overload.. After use, it should be confirmed that the relevant conveying pipeline has been completed before stopping the vehicle, and check the power, gas and water source switches to ensure that they are all closed.

Due to the breakthrough of new technology, technology and materials of slaughtering equipment in China, many meat food processing enterprises have changed their understanding of relying on imported equipment. Although the imported slaughtering equipment is technologically advanced, but the price is expensive, generally a difference of 10:1, so that some meat enterprises without economic strength are discouraged. Moreover, once the parts are damaged, the maintenance is difficult and the procurement is difficult. Of course, we can not completely exclude the advanced nature of imported equipment, appropriate introduction is also necessary, innovation, and then anti-export to earn foreign exchange. The split saw will be the future of some slaughtering machinery plants, a new road suitable for China's national conditions

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