What are the advantages of pig's hoof scissors manufacturer's products?

The development prospect of pig's hoof scissors is very good, because it brings more benefits to the enterprise when it is used, so it is favored by customers. In order to let everyone know more about it, the advantages of pig's hoof scissors manufacturer's products are hoped to bring help to more people.

Now there are many peoplePig Trotter Shear ManufacturersSome basic information of the product is not understood, so as a manufacturer, we also need to explain briefly, in factPig Trotter Shear ManufacturersThe advantages of the product are large opening, narrow bite, small gap, double quick leakage of the lower jaw, and rapid crushing of concrete steel blocks. In addition, it is equipped with a steel bar cutting blade, and the crushing clamp can cut off the exposed steel bar during the operation, and the crushing efficiency is higher. The upper and lower jaws are made of special high-hardness wear-resistant steel, which has high wear resistance, longer service life and greater economic benefits. In addition, the pig's trotter shears manufacturer's products have oversized cylinders, which have the characteristics of high bite force, sturdiness and durability, and increase the oil circuit acceleration valve to make the bite faster and improve work efficiency. In this way, a series of house demolition operations in which the steel bar and the concrete block are separated and bent and placed on the truck can be completed well, which greatly improves the work efficiency. The work efficiency is two to three times that of the breaking hammer, the operation is fully mechanized, and the safety is time-saving.

The pig's hoof shears manufacturer believes that the product has no vibration, meets environmental protection requirements, and is suitable for demolition projects in cities and industrial parks. Suitable for various brands of excavators, can be customized. Now its operation adopts the international handle button operation, which replaces the control mode of the pedal pilot valve. The leg is opened, and the operation is more accurate and fast. Short-term training can begin soon. What you need to know at workPig Trotter Shear ManufacturersIt is considered that its full hydraulic control mode is changed to electric control or remote control. The hydraulic control of the pedal is converted into the operation of the electric control handle button, and the legs are opened, which improves the accuracy of the operation. Upgrade the hydraulic power oil circuit from 5 pipes to 2 pipes, especially easy to use, greatly improving the working efficiency of the equipment. Compared with the hydraulic control, the electronic control operation is more stable, the failure rate is lower, and the current product technology is mature and reliable. And it is made of machinable tool steel, and the movable parts have protective cover, shearing, anti-falling, anti-splash, and automatic reset manual reversing valve to ensure the safety of operators. Pig trotter scissors manufacturers are also welcome and friends from all over the country to establish long-term cooperative relations. After all, it is very famous in this industry and the price is reasonable.

The content of the above article is a small series for everyone to introduce the advantages of pig trotter scissors manufacturers products. If you didn't know before, you can come and have a look now. The next issue will also tell you about the knowledge points related to it. Remember to watch.


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