Characteristics of pig trotters cut producers?

Pig trotter cut the development prospects of the industry is very good, because in the use of the benefits for the enterprise more, so by the customers of all ages, in order to let you more of it, the next pig trotter cut manufacturers to tell about its characteristics.

Nowadays, there are still many people who do not know some basic information about pig's trotters. Therefore, as a manufacturer of pig's trotters, it is necessary for us to explain briefly. In fact, its structure is designed as a box structure with high bearing capacity, which is divided into upper and lower parts. The pig's trotter shears manufacturer said that its upper structure is designed to be connected with the excavator mobile four-bar linkage, the hydraulic control system of the hydraulic shears is installed in the middle, and the oil flow system is installed. And its bottom structure is designed as a box structure, which can withstand very strong loads and severe impact loads. On the one hand, on the other hand, the fixed cutter head can also be used as a hammer head, and the body can be knocked and hammered when necessary, which is convenient for the disassembly and assembly of trucks, buses and off-road vehicles. The manufacturer of the pig's trotters said that the front of the scissors is welded with a pair of wear-resistant tooth plates, which can hold broken items. Now it is also one of the hydraulic scissors used in the rescue. The pig's hoof scissors manufacturer is made of high-strength aerospace alloy, which is light in weight, shear resistance, and short opening and closing time, which speeds up the rescue process.

The pig's trotter shear manufacturer says it is mainly made of high-strength alloy steel with strong clamping force and shear force. The opening width is 800mm, and the central shear force can reach 100 tons. Double line knife design, easy to cut when bite tear material. The 360-degree freely rotating pointed cutter can easily reach any part of the scrapped car and quickly grab the disintegration target. The manufacturer of the pig's trotter shears said that its design has a clamping groove with strong clamping force, and it is completely convenient to interchange the design at any angle when clamping irregular materials. Blades are allowed on all four sides. When in use, it is mainly aimed at off-road vehicles, vans, buses, buses and other vehicles with beams. Unique design of the front tooth structure; Twisting disassembly, the operation is more convenient. The pig's trotter shear manufacturer believes that all its wear-resistant parts are welded together, making maintenance more convenient. And a mature and stable hydraulic system. Here is a regular manufacturer, want to order the product friends may wish to come here to choose it. Believe that will not let you down. The price here is reasonable and the quality is guaranteed.

After the introduction of the above content, we also have a further understanding of the characteristics of pig's hoof scissors manufacturers. When I see him again in the future, I will not feel strange, and there will be no frequent problems in the process of using it. If you have any technical problems related to the product, you can also come here at any time for consultation.


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